APEX nightmare – 1

I hate to do this particular project which was done in APEX.

I recommended it to move to any web based platform. Since it is working there for more than few years now, hesitance in migration.

"Right tool for the Right Job"

Though you can open beer bottle with chainsaw, you can’t continue to use it every time you want to open bottles.


Imagine a Chainsaw hanging in your fridge door. 😛 Same way, you do not try cutting log/wood with Swiss Army Knife. It is simply not worth the time and effort.

You can apply this in software development also. There are certain tools used strictly for certain jobs only. If you try to combine stuff and use one tool for everything, it will be messy.

I’m going to write my nightmare experience with this APEX platform.

To start with here is my first …

I have to create a new page in APEX, so I’ve decided to copy it from an existing page, so that most of the common functions remain unchanged.

But to my bad, the new page copied from an existing page, is missing the left-hand side navigation.

I have no idea, where the navigation goes or coming from! 🙁

If I’m missing something big time, please let me know!!