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Like Photography, I’m equally passionate about gadgets. I love to use lot of gadgets, whether it is mobile, tablets, laptops, gaming console etc., But the problem is, I won’t go for expensive ones. Whatever comes within my budget.

Here I’m planning to write my Mobiography. Yeah like Biography, its a mobile phone biography. List of all the phones I’ve used so far. If everyone try the samething, it will help us to see our self what we are using from mobile the most. This mobiography is as of published date.

1) Reliance LG CDMA (blue colored display) – Couldn’t find an image on the web.
I couldn’t get an image for the mobile from Google. Its a tiny one with antenna in it.

2) Nokia 6610i


Nokia 6610i

My all time favorite. Very sleek. I dropped it several times and it still worked after that.

3) HTC S730


HTC S730

Soon after it was launched, purchased it from a UK website. Lot of nice features. Didn’t try anything beyond RSS readers. Sometime hangs for no reason. It is my first Windows Mobile.

4) Nokia N85


Nokia N85

Again didn’t try anything new from the mobile. For the first time, photos from the mobile look decent for an album print. Dropped few times and worked well. Couldn’t use after the keypad stopped functioning. Waited long for the free Map App. release by Nokia for turn-by-turn navigation. One application I used the most is the “FM Transmitter”. I used to listen music through Home Theater system.

5) Samsung Corby Pro


Samsung Corby Pro

My first touch-screen mobile. Don’t know why, always interested in QWERTY keypad mobiles. May be to get a nerdy feel.
Again only used for lot of music. It was very difficult to browse the web. With touch screens, basic phone features like speaker mode, mute, dial-pad (responding to IVR), hold etc., become frustrating and irritating.

6) Nokia C7

Nokia C7

Nokia C7

Finally got the free Nokia map app. and used it few times. It was really useful. Again less availability of market apps. Photos were really cool. Kept for a little while and gave it to friend.

7) Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Samsung Galaxy Ace

My current mobile. Happy with the features and performance. Only problem is, it goes to deep sleep mode now and then. You’ll have to remove and put the battery again to start. This happens only when the Wi-fi is switched on all the time. Yet to find a solution from google. Tried lot of app. from android market. Google map application couldn’t be installed in our region. That’s a big blow! Don’t know how long yet to wait. Some of the cool apps I use are

Let me know your Mobiography too!

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