June 2010 calendar

For the first time ever, I’ve completed the calendars before the month starts. Actually I completed the PP (Post Production) work a week back. (A way ahead of my usual speed huh?!?!?!) But again, published just today only. 🙁

Both of these photos are taken during my last India visit, in Kerala.

June 2010 Calendar 2

I like this one a lot. I submitted it for the PIT contest. Since the left hand side part is tightly composed, it managed to get only in the top 10 positions.

Mine was discarded since there is nothing special in it. 🙁 Have the hope that one day will make it. Other photos moved to the final list are here. Btw, the title for the competition was “Single”.

June 2010 Calendar 1

June 2010 Calendar 1

Also I’m planning to get your vote and suggestions for every month competition through my blog. Please help me finalizing the top photo to send for the competition, every month. 😛 Low bandwidth users, please be patience as the files are 1 MB each. Thanks.

Happy surfing!