UAE – Things To Do and Tourism – Part 1

Recently our friend asked me What he can do in UAE for 3 days. He want to stay in UAE with his 2 yr old. I was about to reply him with a detailed email. Later decided to put that as a post. Though we’ve been living here for the past 7 years, we’ve not gone to many places. I’ve repeated certain places over and over again. That’s for our friends. I’m not blaming it, every time we get new experience. I kinda like it.

Jabel Hafeet

First thing that came to my mind about UAE is Jabel Hafeet. I like driving all alone in the road and hate to the core driving in the crowd. I’ve been to this highest peak in UAE 5-6 times. We used to leave early morning around 4-5 AM and take the road all our-self. Most of our friend’s reaction after reaching this place was, “So, what now?”. But the real fun was driving in that mountain route and the wadi setup at the bottom of the mountain. Another interesting thing was, the only one tea shop at the top has lot of doll picking machine. The very first time I went there with Ashraf and Gnana & co, we took around 20+ dolls. It was real fun. You can have nice photography sessions. They have stopped some places for trekking.

Bollywood movie Race has been shot here (car chasing scene).

Some of my photos….


Another good place to drive. Kids will have fun on the beach. The beach will be always crowded, so you will have to start early and be there for the morning sun and just for the noon, you should return. The drive will have one side sea and another side rocky mountain. You will get to see some real nature beauty. You will have all sort of water games like Para sailing, water bikes, banana boats etc., You can take a boat drive for a 20 minutes travel to a near by island. We went 2 times. First time we get to see lot of cucumber and jelly fishes. The water was so clear and still. Few months later we tried the same boat trip, the sea was really rough. We couldn’t see a single fish. May be season matters for the boat trip. Unfortunately I do not have any pics or movies shot there.

On the way to Khorfakkan there are lot of plants, carpets and fruits shop. Some photo time…

Al-Ain Zoo

Al-Ain has a very good zoo. Highlight will be the white lion. You can spend a whole day here. Very vast place and you will be exhausted walking the whole day. But you will not be disappointed. click this link to see more details.

Water Theme Parks

I’ve been to 2 water theme parks in UAE so far. They are Wild Wadi and WonderLand . Later one is cheaper. Recently, they have opened one in Abu Dhabi too, Yas water world. There is another one in RAK it is Iceland water park. Friends are saying Yas water world is also good. Have to check it out soon.