Will it be, Bye bye Adobe Flash & Silverlight


Read about the HTML5 and CSS3 recently. Wow, its gonna be another big fight between HTML developers and Adobe Flash/Microsoft Silverlight. You can do plenty of stuff with HTML5. Before it was just unfair comparing/competing HTML and flash developers. Now it will be a real competition.

Good startup read here.
All latest version of big browsers like IE, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera are already supporting some HTML5 tags.

  • Microsoft IE (Internet Explorer) has a plan to support these CSS3 and HTML5. Test drive site – Good demo (should be browsed with a latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox)
  • You Tube has released a beta version of HTML5 video player
  • Try here to do a test on supported CSS3 selectors on your current browser.

Some of the main features of HTML5 are

Canvas tag - 2D drawing
Video tag - show inline MPEG-4 videos
SVG tag - draw/manipulate vector graphics
Drag and drop

Before starting this post searched part of the post title (bye bye adobe flash) and got this

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