Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012


Started using Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 from today. Its the MSDN subscription release.

Installed on my office PC. The upgrade option from Windows 7 was not successful.

Had to overwrite Windows 7. I really felt some serious improvement in the operating system. You can expect a series of post on these two topics.

Going to attend the Metro App. development Boot camp next week in Dubai.


Usually I wait for around 2 minutes to boot into Windows 7 at home. Today it just booted within few seconds. Awesome. It was never like this before.


Initially struggled a lot to navigate through. Some of the short cuts of traditional windows remains the same. like

  1. Alt + Tab
  2. Alt + F4
  3. Alt + [Space] (only in Desktop mode)


Found hard to close any application. Either u can use Alt + F4 or drag from the top of any app. and drop in the bottom of the screen.

Browsing experience is so far good. Liked the metro style apps.


“You have no choice. you will be using this in another few months, for sure.”


See you in another post.