HTTP status code -1001 in Safari browsers

Last week, while testing a .NET application in iPad, got an issue.

Debugging within iPad is tedious (as we know). So, installed Safari browser in desktop and tried loading the same page.

Saw a particular ajax call from jquery/javascript was giving -1001 status code with error message undefined. But when clicked on the link to the service, it returned with proper results.

Cannot find the reason for the problem. Only difference to this service is, that it is the only lengthy service. It took nearly 12 sec. Also noticed that, “async: false” flag was set. Due to the copy of code from different place. This flag makes the script engine to wait in that code execution for about 12 seconds. That causes the interruption of code execution.

Now it worked perfectly fine.

Same day, after fixing this issue, a button click to move all the selected items from one drop down to another drop down was not working only in Safari browser.


above selector only worked in IE and chrome. Changed it to


Now it worked in Safari too.