My First MEOUG – Dubai 2013

Yesterday I attended MEOUG (Middle East Oracle User Group) 2013 at Dubai, WestIn Hotel. The registration fees is 400 AED (just like oracle in payments). But luckily got the registration pass through our college Mr. Manoj Sam (Oracle Guru). He is one of the presenter sharing our Exadata implementation story in a break-out session.

7:10 AM – started from Abu Dhabi
9:00 AM – Registration

4 sessions, which I attended are

  1. Java – by Emirates NBD team. The team explained the power of Java, which they have used to implement their internet banking system. I don’t understand why their core banking modules are in DOTNET. Also learned that they were using Web Logic as their middle ware server (to host their services). After this session, got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S-III under the chair in front of me. Its shine tempted me to remove the SIM 😉 Thought about the guy who lost the device for a sec and returned it to the organizer there. Hopefully (:D) he handed it over to the right person.
  2. Exadata – By our colleague Mr. Manoj Sam. To be frank, I really think we don’t need an Exadata server at all. When compared the other expert Awadi (from ADNOC) gave his experience on Exadata, we are not even anywhere near them (wrt transaction size). And that too, their configuration is very much similar to ours. That is Quarter rack Exadata server. But still why do we need Exadata? thats an interesting topic to discuss. Will write later on that.
  3. ENDECA Server – This is an interesting product from Oracle. It is just like a BI tool. But its main purpose is to maximize the operational performance. This Server reads the views exposed from Oracle E-Business Suite system and provide a cool interface to search, filter, sort, compare the items. It has a nice Dashboard like interface for drill downs and filtering. The end operations on the item will be linked back to the EBS application. Basically, we use BI for analytic and statistical reporting purpose. ENDECA uses the BI concept for operation screens.

    Just remembered, we have been using a similar idea years back for our internal project (HireInSight Recruitment). It exposes few views to the SAP BI system and we created some nice reports with drill downs and input filter controls. At the end the user clicks on a column to link back to the recruit application (using querystring) Making this concept as a separate product (that too with separate Hardware) and selling it. hmmm

  4. BI – Met my ex-colleague (Latha Suresh, GTS) She presented her experience in BI implementations.

In the end, they have organized feedback program. Users were asked to give their feedback on 6 different categories. It is not at all related to me. As I’m not using any of their product except their DB Server. Saw few users’ frustrating comments on Oracle’s support and pricing.

Uhh, forgot to say about the lunch! Wah.. rich and delicious and varieties. Somehow, I cannot enjoy the food on these conferences. I need to be relaxed to enjoy the food. That will be only at home.

Didn’t attend the 2nd day of the MEOUG. As my boss Khalid said, I need to take my camera to all these conferences. Will do it from the next.

See u in another post! 🙂