My First Tech-Ed

Wow! I attended the my first Microsoft Tech-Ed! Overall the experience was good.

As usual, didn’t take my camera on the first day and there was an awesome light show in the opening keynote.

Saw Scott Hanselman and impressed in his presentation. Learned that I still have plenty of things to learn…

Then got a chance to work on the surface computer.. you guys won’t believe me.. I was trying something funny/stupidly. I opened the painting application and selected different colors with different fingers and trying to paint in different colors.. (thinking that surface computer will recognize my selection in each finger..) 😛 Hopefully soon they will invent something like that …

They provided same menu for all the 3 day lunch.. As a poor eater, couldn’t take much.. People say, such events are places to know new friends/community. I didn’t come out of my shy shell.. 🙁 Didn’t meet or know someone particularly… Met my ex-colleague and current Microsoft employee Shijaz Abdulla and had few words with him…

Thats all folks.. Stay tuned for more stuff.

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